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CA College Freshmen Moving Out of CA: A Shift or Temporary Reaction?

Submitted by Jill Yoshikawa, Ed M, Partner of Creative Marbles Consultancy on May 10th, 2012

CA Students Attending Out-of-State CollegesSince 2000, 90% more California resident high school grads are choosing to enroll in out of state colleges–both public and private.    While speculation from budget uncertainties in California to affordability of out-of-state tuition is circulating as reasons for the trend, Creative Marbles asks, “Are families and students simply approaching college as a consumer purchase, and seeking the greatest value, no matter the cost and location?”

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  1. California high school graduates are enrolling in CSU and UC campuses at decreasing rates since 2006, even amongst those qualified (i.e. meet A-G requirements), according to the Public Policy Institute of California. Does this mean CA students are enrolling out of state or at private universities in CA or a combination?

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