Listen. Advise. Listen more. Advise again.

From elementary school through college and career, our clients count on the objectivity and experience underlying all our services.

Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC) offers the following services:

  • ADMISSIONS CONSULTING for high school, college, transfer and graduate school
    Guidance on all aspects of the admissions process with a student-centered approach aimed at bringing out each client’s competitive edge.
    We teach students the writing process to develop insightful college essays, term papers, résumés and cover letters that get noticed.
    Advising parents and students on how to build effective academic relationships with school administrators and teachers, as well as developing students’ self-reliance by refining study skills and time-management strategies.
    Test preparation for SAT’s, ACT’s & SAT Subject Tests focused on refining test-taking strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement.
    We provide insight into what colleges may expect individual families to pay, then make recommendations on how to afford increasing college costs, including scholarship options.
    CMC moderates conversations between students, families and other interested parties, seeking consensus in order to define possible solutions for complex educational issues. Our consultants advise on the implementation of any potential solutions to allow students to succeed in any educational circumstance.

Since every student matures in their own way, clients retain CMC one school year at a time. We strive to serve the individual academic needs of our students at each stage of their development.

For more information regarding our services or to invite CMC to speak about trends in college admissions with a parent organization or your company, email us at or please see our Contact Us page.