Twas A Winter Break to Remember


Twas the first days of winter vacation

In hopes of relaxing from a semester of deprivation

Not a teenager eschewed a multi-days long hibernation

Where the XBOX was humming, punctuated by the occasional deviation

To the refrigerator.


All finals were taken

No impending projects to be done

As the holidays arrived

Full of food and fun.


But, wait…what the what?!? There’s more college applications!

With deadlines on New Year’s Day?!?

Complicating any visions of uninterrupted play!


Parent worried about teenage procrastination

Shared “Bah-Humbug” concerns

Wishing for the moment not to be so stern


“It’s ahllwaaays something!” the teenagers complained.

Consciousness regained

They marched toward the glowing screen

As if facing the guillotine


Then, what a clatter arose!

When beginning to compose

The next college essay.

As slowly, it dawned

That previous drafting had spawned

Almost fully done personal statements!


Erupting into a spontaneous celebratory victory dance parade

Of all who were previously dismayed

Turning lemons into wintertime lemonade!


Crisis averted.

Peace reasserted

When the final “submit” was clicked

In a triumphant fervent!


Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year!


Photo credit: University of Miami, Launchpad