Choosing a Career is Just That, A Choice

Quote: Ferris Bueller

In response to Art’s recent post, To Choose or Have Others Choose for You, a Reed College student who’s finishing her first year, shared the following in a recent text conversation. Since many other students are likely in a similar predicament, I’m passing her message forward: 

I’m so glad other students have the opportunity to read this article. I definitely relate to this like when my parents made me take computer science when I genuinely disliked the course, possibly from not [being] able to choose what I wanted from the beginning. 

Being away from my parents has given me independence to pursue what I want not having to take their opinion or worry about that from other families. I know in some ways they are right as many mentors have told me to take more computer science classes and things but I was talking to an incoming junior at Reed who told me that I should spend my summer working on things I truly enjoy and being able to hear that from a fellow physics major who is similar in age really fermented the idea that I have a choice.

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