College costs more than 4 years of tuition

Student loan debt is future income brought forward.  To an 18 year old college Freshman, with little experience in financial responsibility, this concept may be foreign.   Financial literacy is only part of the resolution; students and parents need foresight and continued roll-up-their-sleeves effort to pick colleges that will give them the greatest value for their dollar, time and future income.

Will continuing tuition increases eventually cool demand for college?

Total student loan debt hit the $1 Trillion mark this week and continues growing.  Congress is debating to stop the increase in the student loan interest rates from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1, 2012.  And, UC’s are considering an additional 6% tuition hike on top of the 47.6% tuition increase, since 2009.   With more attention about the consequences of…

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The $1 Trillion Inheritance

The Student Debt total reached $1 Trillion today.  What are the costs for future generations and its prosperity? Since student debt is future income brought forward, Creative Marbles suggests thinking carefully about career and major choices to know if a student would be able to afford the monthly loan payments.    Also, students need to consider the “opportunity” costs of diverting…

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Student Loan Debate in Congress Continues

It’s partisan politics as usual in this election year, as Congress continues its debate on student loan legislation. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Republicans on Tuesday blocked the Senate from considering a measure to keep the rate on subsidized federal student loans from doubling amid suspicion of Democrats’ motives as they seek to court the youth vote. The vote…

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