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Carpe Diem

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From the Business Insider, an interview with Mr. [Jeff] Bezos about choosing “service and adventure” over “ease and comfort”. “Bezos said everyone has two options for creating their “life story.” Either you go for a life of “ease and comfort” or a life of “service and adventure.” Bezos is clear about which is the right …


The Dilemma of Every College Applicant

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College Admissions: An Unexpected Treasure

In a recent text conversation with Megan, a second year student at MIT, she reflected on the benefits of the college application process.  _____________________________________ Creative Marbles Consultancy: Any advice for seniors going through the application process, especially when applying to MIT? Megan: While it’s hard, I think they should try to enjoy the application process …


Creative Marbles Summer College Essay Intensives

In August 2017, the experts on Creative Marbles editing team will offer Summer College Essay Intensives for a select group of seniors. Not only will participants begin the complex drafting of their life stories, they’ll develop a college essay writing strategy with educational experts, who have twenty years of experience helping students be competitive in the admissions process. …


Changes to Common Application Essay Prompts for 2017-18

The Common Application members have changed the prompts for current juniors in the Class of 2018, who will become college applicants in Fall 2017.  The word count remains unchanged at a maximum of 650 words.  Applicants will still be required to only choose one of the seven prompts listed below. The Common Application administrators have …


Grammar Shmammer

The rules of grammar can be annoying, especially when an English paper is “bleeding” with red ink marks, noting every single punctuation and grammar error. However, the purpose for grammar, which is to articulate the author’s ideas clearly to the reader, can get lost in trying to follow the rules of grammar. To help all the college …


Slaying The College Essay


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Adverbial Perils

Very, greatly, really, extremely, strongly, deeply…the adverb can seem genuine and necessary for emphasis in a college essay, yet can actually have the opposite effect of watering down what is described.  Plus, the adverb can be an extraneous word in the precious word count of the college essay.  Yet, teenage college essay writers typically include …


The College Essay

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Common Application Essays Part 4: Defining Prompt 2

Knowing the meaning of the essay question can help college applicants write the most insightful college essays possible.  Luckily, we, at Creative Marbles Consultancy, have done the defining work.  Over the last decade, we’ve complied a stack of hand-written, dog-eared yellow pads full of words, along with a growing library of digital photos of our …