4-Yr College Students

Creative Marbles educational experts provide valuable guidance to college students, helping them navigate uncertainties and make informed decisions for their future success. We support students in exploring their academic interests as well as preparing for adulthood and financial independence. Additionally, we can advise parents on how to support their college student during this important phase of their life.


We help college students and graduates succeed.

We provide strategic guidance, support, and resources to help students navigate challenges and develop a clear sense of purpose, throughout their college experience. By making informed choices, students can maximize their educational investment.

Our team of experts understands the importance of personalized guidance and goes beyond standard college advice. Parents and young adults can rely on us for reliable and affordable counsel as they prepare for life after college.

Working With Our Consultants

Parents and students collaborate with a diverse team of educational advisors, including a Harvard-trained expert. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, as teachers now consultants, our career educators are well-equipped to provide comprehensive guidance to families on a wide range of educational topics.

Want More Information?

To learn more about how we can help your family, you can Request a Virtual Appointment or contact Jill at jill@creativemarbles.com or (916) 769-6092 for immediate answers to your educational inquiries.

Furthermore, our advisors are available to speak about the latest college admissions trends at parent and community organizations, companies, or private gatherings. We welcome the opportunity to share insights and expertise with your group.