Transfer Admissions

We are a team of career educators who now provide personalized transfer admissions guidance for families, helping students craft compelling college essays, select the right schools, and navigate each step of the admissions process. We understand the challenges of transferring colleges and help families make informed decisions for success. 

Our goal is to make the transfer admissions process as stress-free as possible empowering students to present their best selves. We offer comprehensive advising options for all budgets.




With our most comprehensive transfer admissions retainer, our team of experts collaborate with students throughout the application process, providing guidance according to each student’s unique work style. We share our wealth of knowledge to help families minimize the risks of strategic missteps and reduce the stress of applying to college. 

CMC’s educational experts provide support on a variety of admissions issues, including:

  Application support: help students with every aspect of the application process.

  College selection: Advise students and their families in selecting colleges where students can nurture their academic interests and aspirations. 

  Rigorous Editorial Guidance: A thoughtful dialogue between the student and CMC editorial advisor to identify and refine the narratives of a young person’s life, as aligned with the requirements of the autobiographical college essay.

  Optional Admissions Interview preparation: Prepare students for optional college interviews by practicing questions and giving feedback.

Furthermore, our seasoned advisors facilitate conversations with parents and students to foster consensus on a student’s college plans. We understand the importance of open communication and work towards achieving a shared understanding of a student’s aspirations.




Creative Marbles’ educational experts help students and parents navigate the complicated transfer admissions process, advising on: 

✓  Admissions strategy: Our advisors confirm a family’s admissions strategy and assist during implementation to reduce the risk of mistakes resulting from inexperience.

✓  College selection: Using our extensive knowledge of the transfer admissions process and education, we help students select colleges which align with their academic interests, learning style, and financial constraints.

✓  College essay writing: Our experienced editorial advisors collaborate with applicants in inquiry-based discussions. We help students clarify their autobiographical narratives, resolve writer’s blocks, and effectively convey their unique life stories in compelling college essays.

By working with Creative Marbles, families can:

✓  Reduce stress: Our knowledgeable advisors clarify the dynamic and often subjective college admissions process.

✓  Improve quality: Our advisors help students focus on crafting impactful transfer admissions essays and completing applications to seek the greatest value in college. 





Optimize Your College Admissions Strategy with a Single Planning Session.

CMC’s educational experts guide families in a targeted planning session to help develop a personalized college admissions strategy. Our seasoned advisors will engage in a collaborative dialogue with parents and students, answering specific questions and addressing important topics. We will provide insights and guidance on:

✓  Understanding the college admissions process: We can discuss the different types of colleges, such as private, public, and liberal arts institutions. We’ll demystify application requirements, guide families through the digital application process, and shed light on the factors that college admissions officers consider when making admissions decisions.

✓  Identifying a unique college admissions profile: Our advisors can guide families in developing a plan to showcase a student’s distinctive qualities and an insightful presentation to stand out in college applications. 

✓  Writing compelling college essays: We’ll share strategies to help students express their authentic voice in their essays that resonate with readers and effectively convey their unique story and aspirations.

By leveraging the personalized educational advice provided by CMC’s consultants, families can save time and minimize the risks of missteps. Collaborate with CMC’s expert advisors to develop a well-informed and strategic approach to navigate the admissions process more efficiently.

Working With Our Consultants

Parents and students collaborate with a diverse team of educational advisors, including a Harvard-trained expert. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, as teachers now consultants, our career educators are well-equipped to provide comprehensive guidance to families on a wide range of educational topics.

Want More Information?

To learn more about how we can help your family, you can Request a Virtual Appointment or contact Jill at or (916) 769-6092 for immediate answers to your educational inquiries.

Furthermore, our advisors are available to speak about the latest college admissions trends at parent and community organizations, companies, or private gatherings. We welcome the opportunity to share insights and expertise with your group.