The Team


Art’s vision for a student-centered, collaborative educational advisory took shape nearly 30 years ago during his tenure teaching high school. In 2000, he joined forces with Jill, a Harvard-trained educator, and after a two-year planning process, they co-founded Creative Marbles in 2003.  For 20 years, Art and Jill remain committed to advising both parents and students, knowing that individual academic success requires the collective efforts of a community.  Read more.


Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, Harvard '99

Partner of CMC
College Admissions Expert

Jill, an educator and consultant with 25 years of experience, is meticulous in advising clients. She seeks to understand each client’s aspirations to help them successfully navigate complex educational systems.

A graduate of UC San Diego and Harvard, and a former high school teacher, Jill understands the intricacies of educating the young. Knowing each student is unique, she individualizes her advising, working tirelessly to help families achieve their goals.

Art Baird

Founding Partner of CMC
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Art, a third-generation teacher who spent ten years leading a high school classroom, relentlessly seeks understanding. He exchanges knowledge in dynamic collaborations, posing thought-provoking “why?” questions to foster meaningful discussions and empower clients in realizing their goals in education and in life. 

In his role as the Founding and Managing Partner of Creative Marbles, Art embodies an unceasing pursuit of improvement. He cultivates a vibrant culture of collaboration, consistently enhancing the quality of services provided to clients.

Julie Nhung Nguyen

Partner of CMC
Chief Financial Officer & 
Chief Operations Officer

Julie is a meticulous and data-driven manager who continuously seeks improvement in CMC’s day-to-day operations in order to increase quality for clients. She is insistent on pursuing the truth of the matter, fastidious in her attention to detail. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients are satisfied, she is a consummate team player, consistently sharing her knowledge and expertise to benefit others.