CMC’s History

United by their shared value of education and the power of collaboration, Art and Jill co-founded Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC) in 2003 to assist families in achieving their educational goals. From their headquarters in Northern California, Art and Jill have since provided families across the United States and internationally with timely and objective guidance on diverse educational matters, including academic planning and college admissions counseling.

Art Baird, an experienced educator and entrepreneur, originated the vision for Creative Marbles Consultancy (CMC) during his decade-long tenure teaching high school. Drawing from his success in managing a nonprofit college-readiness program, Art recognized the vital role of collaboration among families, educators, and community members in achieving academic success.

Meanwhile, Jill, who also taught high school and worked as a community educator, observed the lack of coordination between families, educators, and other community members, leading to inefficiencies in the modern K-12 system. In 2000, Jill and Art first collaborated while teaching in the same History Department—Jill’s theoretical understanding of educational pedagogy, complemented Art’s extensive fieldwork.

Understanding that education is a lifelong journey, Art and Jill are proud to have collaboratively advised thousands of families in pursuing their educational aspirations.

Art Baird, Founding Partner of CMC 
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, Harvard ’99, Partner of CMC
Educational & College Admissions Expert