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Jill Yoshikawa, EdM of Creative Marbles Consultancy, a private educational and college admissions advisory, shares her expertise to help families anywhere in the world. 

For Many Students, The Prospect Of A New Year In College Is Exciting And Stressful Jill discusses the complexities of teens moving away from home as well as starting college, contextualized for a generation who came of age during COVID-related remote high school.

Jill Yoshikawa, EdM and Dr. Will chat about her experiences as a high school teacher and how she left to make a greater impact, helping families resolve their complicated educational concerns now with her company, Creative Marbles Consultancy.

Bryan Alexander of the Future Trends Forum hosted Michael Cato, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Bowdoin College and Creative Marbles’ Jill Yoshikawa EdM in a webinar discussion about how technology can augment the learning process as well as develop community in higher education.

Creative Marbles’ Jill Yoshikawa was a featured guest on’s Your California Life, a local morning telecast in Sacramento, California, discussing the impacts of the COVID-related disruption in education for high school and college students, as well as their families.

Still Processing. Jill Yoshikawa discusses education in the midst of COVID-related disruptions, as well as how being a teacher prepared her for consulting families, given the dynamic nature of teenagers.

With Cal State And Other Colleges Moving Online, Higher Ed Has To Prove Its Value Jill Yoshikawa discusses the short-term, and potential long-term impacts of remote, online learning both for students, as well as the value of a college education generation, in the wake of COVID-related disruptions to colleges in 2020.
College Students Leave Campus Life Behind, Adjusts To Online Classes At Home In March 2020, as the initial days of the COVID pandemic unfolded, college administrators across the country closed classrooms and residence halls, immediately displacing thousands of college students. Jill Yoshikawa from CMC helped contextualize the impacts of this historical event on students and their families.
Teens Are Uniquely Affected In The Pandemic… CMC’s Jill Yoshikawa shares unique insights on how high school and college students, as well as their families, navigated the uncertainties of COVID-related disruptions to school and the educational process with Aubrey Aquino.
Aubrey Aquino of KFBK News Radio interviews Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, of Creative Marbles Consultancy to discuss how changes to academic letter grades may impact students, educators, and families. Pondering Progressive Grade Policies.
North American Observation. University Closures Under The Epidemic. What Happened To American Higher Education?  As many college students sued their universities for tuition refunds amidst the widespread campus closures in Spring 2020, Jill Yoshikawa provided additional understanding of college students’ sentiments. (For English readers, please use the Chrome web browser to translate into the English language) 
Tuition Strategy.  Finding The Right Savings Vehicle For College. Jill Yoshikawa advises families on how to search and navigate the scholarship application process to subsidize the annually increasing costs of college tuition.
Rating The High Schools For students aiming to achieve their lifelong goal of attending college, the application process can be quite complex. Jill Yoshikawa, an educational expert from Creative Marbles, emphasizes the advantages of involving objective educational advisors to alleviate stress and efficiently navigate the intricacies of college admissions.