Creative Marbles Consultancy’s advisors have dedicated their lives to educating the young.  Over the last twenty years, CMC’s consultants have collaborated with hundreds of families to navigate the increasingly complicated college admissions process. Every student deserves a college where they can nurture their talents and create lasting economic success—a goal which is our passion.

Whether in grade school, middle school, a high school freshmansophomorejuniorsenior or community college student seeking college admissions, 4-year college students, or an individual applying to graduate school, CMC’s experts can help.

Working With Our Consultants

Parents and students collaborate with a diverse team of educational advisors, including a Harvard-trained expert. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, as teachers now consultants, our career educators are well-equipped to provide comprehensive guidance to families on a wide range of educational topics.

Want More Information?

To learn more about how we can help your family, you can Request a Virtual Appointment or contact Jill at or (916) 769-6092 for immediate answers to your educational inquiries.

Furthermore, our advisors are available to speak about the latest college admissions trends at parent and community organizations, companies, or private gatherings. We welcome the opportunity to share insights and expertise with your group.

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CMC is located on the West Coast of the USA, and operates based on Pacific Standard Time (PST), adapting our working hours to different time zones in order to advise clients worldwide.  All information will remain confidential and will only be used to assess a family’s need for our services.