We are an educational advisory driven by a human-centered approach. Our educational experts attentively listen to clients’ distinct needs to create personalized educational solutions. We foster dialogue throughout the implementation process, ensuring that we adapt and refine our support as necessary and in real time. With an unwavering commitment to objectivity, rooted in our multi-decade experience, clients trust us to provide expert guidance on a diverse array of complex educational matters.


Art’s vision for a student-centered, collaborative educational advisory took shape nearly 30 years ago during his tenure teaching high school. In 2000, he joined forces with Jill, a Harvard-trained educator, and after a two-year planning process, they co-founded Creative Marbles in 2003.  For 20 years, Art and Jill remain committed to advising both parents and students, knowing that individual academic success requires the collective efforts of a community.  Read More.



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Creative Marbles Consultancy’s educational advisors are committed to guiding and educating youth. In twenty years, our teachers turned consultants have collaborated with numerous families to navigate the ever-evolving and complex college admissions process. We help families devise educational plans so students can cultivate their talents and achieve economic prosperity.  Read More.


Jill and Art at Creative Marbles Consultancy are experts at helping teens get into college. They are knowledgeable, caring, and effective. I highly recommend them to any high school student.

Monica Anderson, parent of former CMC client
Monica, California

I high recommend Creative Marbles for college application assistance. Jill and Art are knowledgeable, supportive, and effective. My daughter is a happy student at George Mason University and still has a positive relationship with the staff.

Saori Choulos, parent of former CMC client
Saori, Virginia

Jill and Art at Creative Marbles Consultancy provided invaluable support to my children during the college application process. They helped us navigate the complex process and my children are now thriving at their dream schools. I highly recommend Creative Marbles to any family facing the college application process.

Sue Dalrymple, parent of former CMC client
Sue, California

Navigating the Junior Year: The College Frenzy Unveiled

In spring of junior year, families can discuss college with more urgency and anxiety, now that  what was once a…
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Conditions of College Acceptances

In Spring, High School Seniors can be conflicted, experiencing “Senioritis”, needing more effort to complete everyday homework, but also coping…
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Is the “College Degree = Good Paying Job” a Myth?

With over 50% of all recent college graduates underemployed, working in jobs not requiring their college degree, high school students…
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Know Thyself

The quest for college admissions can be likened to a matchmaking process—seeking a college that resonates with one’s character and…
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Select-ting College Not Being Select-ted

The typical understanding of the college admissons process is backwards. Many families approach the college admissions process as “How can…
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Pronoun Beware

Pronouns serve as replacements for other words and often refer back to information mentioned earlier in a text. However, when…
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College Essay Writing 101: Passive vs. Active Tense

High schoolers tend to write passive constructions in academic writing, often needing to fulfill assigned word counts requirements in order…
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Advice about Letters of Recommendation

Students are advised to request the letters 6-8 weeks prior to the application deadline, ideally from two academic teachers: history,…
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Academic Stress May Not Appear as “Stress”

A high school sophomore recently shared her thoughts on the challenges of earning an A in her Chemistry course—a grade…
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Advice about Optional Admissions Interviews

Some private university admissions officers invite prospective applicants to schedule evaluative admissions interviews before applying. Students have a dual opportunity:…
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