High School Seniors

Creative Marbles’ educational experts help families navigate the complex college admissions process, offering a variety of retainers.

Based on a series of interviews with each student to understand their experiences and goals, as well as with their families, we then collaborate to implement a college admissions strategy to help students find the right college and submit the highest quality college application.

Some of the benefits of working with Creative Marbles:

  Expert guidance: Our experienced advisors have helped thousands of students attend a college of their choice.

✓  Personalized attention: We advise each student and family with a customized plan.

✓  Peace of mind: A team of educational experts, who began as high school teachers, on your side to reduce the stress of the college admissions process.






CMC’s educational experts help families with every step of the complicated college admissions process, tailoring our collaboration according to a student’s unique work style, providing support not just for students but also for parents. 

CMC’s educational advisors collaborate with families who seek the greatest value in a college education and are willing to invest in a comprehensive advising program. We welcome parents who seek guidance from our experts in order to encourage their teens to define their own educational path. 


✓  Choose the right colleges: CMC experts have extensive knowledge of colleges and universities across the US. They can help narrow down options and select colleges, fitting for each student’s academic interests, character, and financial needs.

✓  Craft distinctive college application essays: CMC experts can help each student write autobiographical essays that are clear, concise, and compelling, assisting from brainstorming through editing drafts. 

✓  Prepare for optional college admissions interviews: CMC experts can help students practice answering common interview questions and prepare to gain insights from interviewers about each university.

✓  Offer support throughout the entire admissions process: Whether to answer questions, need to regain perspective, or require guidance, our experts are available to assist, both for students and parents. 


✓  Reduced stress during the college admissions process: With CMC’s expert guidance, families efficiently navigate the college admissions process with confidence.

✓  Increased knowledge of the college admissions process: CMC’s experts can share the most up-to-date information about the college admissions process. 

✓  Improved quality in college application essays: CMC’s experts can help students share insights about their unique talents and perspective to argue for their admissions. 




Creative Marbles’ educational experts help students and parents navigate the complicated college application process, advising on: 

✓  Admissions strategy: Our advisors confirm a family’s admissions strategy and assist during implementation to reduce the risk of mistakes resulting from inexperience.

✓  College selection: Using our extensive knowledge of the college admissions process and education, we help students select colleges which align with their academic interests, learning style, and financial constraints.

✓  College essay writing: Our experienced editorial advisors collaborate with applicants in inquiry-based discussions. We help students clarify their autobiographical narratives, resolve writer’s blocks, and effectively convey their unique life stories in compelling college essays.

By working with Creative Marbles, families can:

✓  Reduce stress: Our knowledgeable advisors clarify the dynamic and often subjective college admissions process.

✓  Improve quality: Our advisors help students focus on crafting impactful college essays and completing applications to seek the greatest value in college. 

Retainer Options:




Parents who are guiding their students through the college admissions process can rely on CMC’s expert counsel to help them navigate the complex and ever-changing educational landscape.

✓  Experienced guidance, personalized to each family: Help parents develop a unique college admissions strategy for their child’s academic interests, extracurricular activities, and aspirations.

✓  Reduce stress: CMC’s consultants can help parents to maintain perspective and focus on what’s important to support their student.

✓  Flatten the Learning Curve: Our educational experts share their extensive knowledge of the college admissions process, equipping parents with valuable information from selecting the right college to crafting effective essays.

✓  Navigate the financial aid process: Help parents understand possible financial aid options for their child to align price and value. 

✓  Readily accessible and responsive support: Our consultants are available to address parents’ questions and concerns via phone, video conference, email, or text, ensuring timely and reliable assistance on demand. By reducing stress and providing prompt support, CMC helps families make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

CMC is committed to empowering families to make informed educational decisions for a teen’s prosperity—a trusted partner throughout the college admissions process.





Optimize Your College Admissions Strategy with a Single Planning Session.

CMC’s educational experts guide families in a targeted planning session to help develop a personalized college admissions strategy. Our seasoned advisors will engage in a collaborative dialogue with parents and students, answering specific questions and addressing important topics. We will provide insights and guidance on:

✓  Understanding the college admissions process: We can discuss the different types of colleges, such as private, public, and liberal arts institutions. We’ll demystify application requirements, guide families through the digital application process, and shed light on the factors that college admissions officers consider when making admissions decisions.

✓  Identifying a unique college admissions profile: Our advisors can guide families in developing a plan to showcase a student’s distinctive qualities and an insightful presentation to stand out in college applications. 

✓  Writing compelling college essays: We’ll share strategies to help students express their authentic voice in their essays that resonate with readers and effectively convey their unique story and aspirations.

By leveraging the personalized educational advice provided by CMC’s consultants, families can save time and minimize the risks of missteps. Collaborate with CMC’s expert advisors to develop a well-informed and strategic approach to navigate the admissions process more efficiently.



Don’t just practice, analyze.

Students who repeatedly practice SAT or ACT problems without analyzing their incorrect and correct answers cannot identify what concepts they need to review or develop test-taking strategies to minimize errors.

We advise students and parents in relation to the college admissions process.

As educators and college admissions specialists, we first advise students and parents about the value of an SAT or ACT score as part of the student’s overall college admissions strategy, in light of current, widespread test-optional admissions policies.

We begin test preparation 6-8 weeks before the test.

Timing is crucial when preparing for an SAT or ACT. We recommend starting test preparation 6-8 weeks before the scheduled test date. Then, students have enough time to review necessary concepts, practice test-taking techniques, and develop a test-day strategy.

We assess a student’s performance and design a unique test practice plan.

We assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses to create a personalized preparation strategy, which includes practice tests, drills, and review sessions. We also guide students to improve their test-taking strategies, such as time management, stress management, and pacing.

We help students gain confidence in their test-taking abilities.

We guide students through the practice process and provide feedback on their performance. Students can focus their practice where they most need improvement to develop the confidence essential to succeed on test day.

Work with Creative Marbles to succeed.

After collaborating with Creative Marbles, students can more efficiently navigate the complexities of the SAT and ACT to more accurately quantify their aptitude, further defining their capacity to be successful in college.

Working With Our Consultants

Parents and students collaborate with a diverse team of educational advisors, including a Harvard-trained expert. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, as teachers now consultants, our career educators are well-equipped to provide comprehensive guidance to families on a wide range of educational topics.

Want More Information?

To learn more about how we can help your family, you can Request a Virtual Appointment or contact Jill at jill@creativemarbles.com or (916) 769-6092 for immediate answers to your educational inquiries.

Furthermore, our advisors are available to speak about the latest college admissions trends at parent and community organizations, companies, or private gatherings. We welcome the opportunity to share insights and expertise with your group.