High School Juniors


Throughout the junior year, CMC’s experts help families define value in a college education. While confirming students fulfill eligibility standards for college admissions, CMC’s seasoned advisors guide families to reflect about the student’s aptitude, as well as moderate conversations where each person can articulate their expectations about college to build consensus in an educational strategy.

High school Juniors, aware that life beyond childhood is imminent, typically only have inklings about their aptitude, unsure why attending college is necessary to pursue a blurry vision. Additionally, parents, transitioning to parent soon-to-be adult children, need credible, timely guidance as well as objective moderators for conversations regarding their teen’s educational options.

CMC’s experts dispel myths about the college admissions process, as well as counsel about course schedules, debate the benefits of extracurricular activities or summer programs, and determine how to navigate test-optional admissions policies.

CMC’s advisors will be available throughout the school year to advise families about high school and the college admissions process. Furthermore, families receive FYI, CMC’s proprietary quarterly bulletins with timely updates and tips about education and the college admissions process. 


Drilling practice problems repeatedly without analysis to recognize patterns amongst incorrect answers, SAT or ACT test takes cannot efficiently identify what concepts need reviewing, nor develop test-taking strategies to minimize their inaccuracies.

As educators, specialist in the college admissions process, first, we advise students and parents about the value of an SAT or ACT score as part of the student's overall college admissions strategy, in light of current, widespread test-optional admissions policies.

Ideally, we begin the preparation process 6-8 weeks before a scheduled SAT or ACT.  We assess a student's performance, designing a unique test practice plan, including a test-day strategy to maximize their efforts during the multi-hour experience, as well as teach students to practice effectively in order to gain confidence in their test-taking abilities.

After collaborating with Creative Marbles, students can more efficiently navigate the complexities of the SAT and ACT to more accurately quantify their aptitude, further defining their capacity to be successful in college.

A diverse advisory team, including a Harvard trained expert with a decade of high school teaching experience, now directly counseling families regarding a variety of educationally related topics. 

Request a Virtual Appointment with CMC’s experts and gain immediate answers for your pressing educational questions.

For more information or to purchase one of these options for your family, please contact us at info@creativemarbles.com or call (916) 769-6092.

CMC’s advisors are also available to speak about trends in college admissions with parent and community organizations, companies or a private gathering.