Graduate & Professional School Admissions

We assist graduate and professional school applicants in clearly conveying their vision, thus motivation for seeking a more focused course of study in their personal statements and other graduate application components. Creative Marbles’ experts, educators by training and temperament, differentiate our counsel for each individual applicant in one-on-one sessions.

Given the unique circumstances and needs of graduate and professional school applicants, we offer a diversity of advisory options, which have evolved during our twenty years of consulting practice.




For parents, whose children are applying to graduate schools, endeavoring to minimize risk of strategic missteps and graduate school malinvestment, we recommend Distinguished College Application Guidance retainer. 

CMC’s experts collaborate with students at timely intervals, dictated by the cyclicality of the application process and individualized to each student’s unique work style, on admissions issues ranging from application support to graduate school selections to editorial assistance, as needed. 

The rigorous editorial process is an intricate inquiry between CMC editorial advisor and student to identify and refine the narratives of a young person’s life, conforming to the constraints of the autobiographical admissions essays.



CMC’s experts support students  as they navigate the graduate school application process, confirming their admissions strategy, providing assistance during implementation where needed to avoid costly mistakes due to inexperience.

Additionally, students depend on CMC’s experienced editorial advisors, who in inquiry based collaborations, help applicants clarify their autobiographical narratives, as well as resolve writer's blocks to craft unique graduate school personal statements, succinctly characterizing the story of their lives. 

Students utilize our experienced advisors to reduce the learning curve in the dynamic and often subjective graduate school admissions process. Then, students can focus on completing applications, including essays, in seeking the greatest value in graduate school.



CMC’s expert advisors moderate a conversation during a single strategic session with graduate or professional school applicants to devise a strategy for navigating the complexities of the graduate or professional school admissions process, which includes both selection as well as the elaborate and increasing complexity and subjectivity of the graduate or professional school application process. Finally, we’ll initiate the personal statement idea generating process, integral to submitting competitive applications for admissions.

A diverse advisory team, including a Harvard trained expert with a decade of high school teaching experience, now directly counseling families regarding a variety of educationally related topics. 

Request a Virtual Appointment with CMC’s experts and gain immediate answers for your pressing educational questions.

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CMC’s advisors are also available to speak about trends in college admissions with parent and community organizations, companies or a private gathering.