Why More Effort Alone May Not Improve Grades

As students head into the final weeks of the school year, last minute activity to “pull up” a grade is happening in every school.  Asking teachers more specific questions, then, “What can I do to improve my grade?”,  will help families and students get information that’s useful.

Creative Marbles suggests the following tips:

  • Find ways to use the teacher’s expertise in the subject area and learning.  Self-identify concepts, chapters or formulas that are not understood and ask the teacher how to build comprehension in those areas.
  • Hiring a tutor may not be the solution.  Determine whether the student is not understanding the content or isn’t able to demonstrate what’s known in the way the teacher requires on tests or homework.
  • Parents may need to be involved in conversations with teachers, as well to model questions for students, learning to advocate for themselves.

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