ACT & SAT Scores Can Affect Financial Aid, Too

Many families ask Creative Marbles about preparing for the ACT and/or SAT, as a way to boost a students’ competitiveness for admissions.  There’s another reason to prepare.  Merit aid scholarships can be awarded on a sliding scale, based on ACT & SAT scores and GPA–as scores and GPA increases, the amount of merit aid increases.    For public out-of-state universities participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange* (WUE), GPA and ACT/SAT scores also qualify students for 4 year renewable WUE scholarships, reducing out-of-state tuition to 1.5 times in state resident tuition.  Take time to become familiar with how the questions are worded, then answering the questions within the limited time given may be more accurate on the day of the test.

For more strategies to prepare for the costs of college, see our earlier posts.

*WUE is a discount for residents and public universities in 16 states, from Montana down to New Mexico west to Hawaii and north to Alaska.  Not every public university in those 16 states participates in WUE exchange, see each university’s policy for details.