Huh? A School Profile? What’s that Got to Do with My College Application?

The school profile comes through the counseling office and is sent as part of the counselor’s recommendation to private universities, as part of a senior’s college application.  Often, its included alongside the Secondary School Report, as part of the Common Application.

Why does this matter?

  • Colleges make admissions decisions based on the rigor and challenge of a student’s classes throughout high school.
  • College admissions officers want to understand a student’s academic achievements (i.e. high GPA) in relation to the environment and their peers in which they earned their grades.
  • Private university admissions officers often are assigned specific territories or regions around the country.  Although they travel the areas of their assignment, they can’t always know the intimate details or differences between their region’s high schools.  The school profile provides those details.

For high school’s with a shrinking number of counselors, the school profile may be updated by a Registrar or Vice Principal’s office.  Find out where the school profile is located and check its accuracy, to know how it will help you be as competitive as possible with college admissions.