The California State University System Changes Graduation Requirements

The California State University (CSU) trustees recently voted at their last meeting to cap the number of units needed for graduation to 120 for campuses with semesters and 180 for colleges using academic quarters.  For students, this may mean reduced number of years to complete general education and major requirements for graduation.  Be sure to check each academic department’s website for updated details.

With less years and time required, students may reduce the costs of a CSU education and expedite their ability to begin working sooner and earning a salary.  While some majors, like architecture, may still require greater numbers of units to graduate, students may begin selecting majors on their ability to graduate faster, if the academic training isn’t specific to a particular career or job.  Students (and their families) may need to complete additional research in order to understand the changes, so they can plan accordingly both in paying for a CSU education and choosing the campus that will provide the most effective training to achieve the student’s future goals.  Since the changes were made recently,  be sure to stay in touch with your academic advisors, if you’re a current CSU student, as the changes are implemented for each academic department.   And, for prospective freshman and transfer students, be sure to check with academic departments or ask the admissions office  about changes for graduation requirements, before making your final decisions to enroll.