Introducing Creative Marbles 2021 Educational Retainers

To serve the diverse needs of families, each with their own distinctive higher educational plans, we offer a suite of retainers. After each college application season, seeking to continuously improve our services concomitant with our experience, we reflect, study and adjust where needed. Over the next week, I will present our 2021 Educational Retainers, seeking as always to meet the needs of high school seniors and families as they navigate the complexity of the modern college admissions process in search of lasting success. 

The spring of the junior year typically marks the beginning of the college admissions season that we believe does not unofficially end until after the Fall freshman year college semester. As such, we do not believe that seniors and their families can be properly served by a one size fits all advising retainer, so we have spent years developing a sundry array of options from collaborating more intensively with families to strategically guiding families from a farther vantage point. 

The first retainer is from our Elite Tier of 2021 Educational Retainers:


For students who will complete multiple complex applications—requiring multiple separate yet interlocking, autobiographical essays, letters of recommendation, admissions interviews, all to elucidate the multifarious facets of a student’s life experience—subject to the highest scrutiny in college admissions. Thus, CMC’s experts rigorously collaborate with each applicant in intense inquiry-based reflections, challenging each senior’s assumptions in order to concisely and precisely argue how their character and vision align with each university. 

Parents, understanding the complexity of their student’s particular admissions strategy, seek CMC’s professional guidance to lessen the risk of miscalculations, including objective management of the entire application process,  as well as best support their student’s ambitious educational aims. 

As a consequence, seniors delineate their life’s purpose, plotting a course for their further education, regardless of their admissions outcomes, thus reducing the risk of malinvestment.


We advise families throughout the United States and internationally, contact us for more details about how Creative Marbles experts can assist your family. 

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