Jill Yoshikawa, EdM Harvard ’99

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Jill Yoshikawa, Partner & Educational Consultant at Creative Marbles Consultancy

Jill Yoshikawa

Partner & Educational Expert at Creative Marbles Consultancy

Jill, an educator and consultant with 25 years of experience, is meticulous in advising clients. She seeks to understand each client's aspirations to help them successfully navigate complex educational systems. A graduate of UC San Diego and Harvard, and a former high school teacher, Jill understands the intricacies of educating the young. Knowing each student is unique, she individualizes her advising, working tirelessly to help families achieve their goals.

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CMC is located on the West Coast of the USA, and operates based on Pacific Standard Time (PST), adapting our working hours to different time zones in order to advise clients worldwide.  All information will remain confidential and will only be used to assess a family’s need for our services.

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