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Welcome to the New Adulthood

For most of us, moving out of the parental units’ house is the ultimate signifier of adulthood.  So, what’s the threshold defining adulthood for the growing numbers of 25 year olds, who live with their parents (even after moving away for college)? Since 2002, parental co-residence rates have only risen:   And, in 2012:   Related PostsThe …


Procrastination or Provocation?

“Waiting for Inspiration”? (AKA the day before the college application deadlines?) Related PostsHow Are Middle & Upper Income Families Affording College? The Chronicles of Procrastination School + New Town = College Hurry Up and Wait and Wait and Then Wait Some More Are Families “Shopping Around” For the Best College Deal?


Applying to College Today Isn’t Like When Your Mom Applied

‘Tis the Season for College Essays, College Applications…and as a special bonus for Fall 2013, Common Application Technical Glitches…. Our latest Creative Marbles video offers tips and perspective to help weather the stress of applying to college. Related PostsInternships: The New Entry Level Job Test Taking Tips Ahead of the Curve: January 23, 2014 Summer …