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Guest Post: The Meritocracy-Diversity Divide

Affirmative action policies could use closer scrutiny—but don’t lose sight of their benefits. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION is an increasingly rare sort of debate, the kind where both sides present a valid analysis of a complex and thorny issue. This is not always the case. On climate change, the left is reacting to a real, imminent problem, …


Where is the “Middle” in Middle Class?

Middle class families can sometimes feel like this: Cartoon credit: Americans for Limited Government, 2015 Especially when considering the annually increasing tuition, and other costs for a college education:   Related PostsSeptember 2014 ACT Scores Available Online The Ups & Downs of Being Well-Rounded Gotta Read ‘Em All Guest Post: Parent to Parent Advice about …


What’s The Value of a University of California Education?

Roughly 30 percent of every dollar we take in from tuition we reinvest back in financial aid. So the nominal tuition is $12,000 but the real tuition is probably about $8500. It’s like the sticker price on an automobile: 62 percent of our students don’t pay the sticker price, [which is] income adjusted. But it’s …