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CMC 2017

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The University of California Unveiled Brand New Application Essay Prompts

In Fall 2016, both freshman and transfer applicants to the University of California (UC) will choose from brand new writing prompts when composing the required personal application statements.  After ten years, the UC has retired their previous two essay prompts. With annually record-breaking numbers of applicants—which increases the selectivity in admissions—admissions officers are seeking a fuller understanding …


Adverbial Perils

Very, greatly, really, extremely, strongly, deeply…the adverb can seem genuine and necessary for emphasis in a college essay, yet can actually have the opposite effect of watering down what is described.  Plus, the adverb can be an extraneous word in the precious word count of the college essay.  Yet, teenage college essay writers typically include …


Is This What REALLY Happens in College Admissions Offices?

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The Tale of a College Essay Writer

College essay writing can bring out the creative spirit in any high school senior and community college transfer applicant; however, may not be the type of creative effort needed to actually write college essays.  More like innovation in putting off until under the pressure of the deadline, concerted drafting of the essay, to the consternation of …