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A River Runs Through It


The late winter run-off from 12 years of school melting during the latter half of a high school senior year can create an emotional flood. A confluence of Senioritis and waiting for college admissions responses quickly overruns the levees built during a senior’s youth-limited life experience. Seniors decry, “When will I hear from colleges?” or …


College Admissions Yield? Why Students Should Pay Attention

The college admissions yield is the percentage of students who enroll from the total number of students admitted to the school.  A higher yield shows the greater likelihood that an admitted student will enroll; thus, colleges will often admit less students and may have shorter wait lists, if any. So, for prospective applicants, a higher …


College waitlists: the in-between of college admissions

College wait lists offers can leave seniors with more questions than answers.  Why didn’t I get accepted, yet wasn’t denied admissions?  What information, if anything, should I send to boost my chances of admissions from the wait list?  How, and is, the wait list ranked?  What are my chances of being admitted from the wait …