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The University of California Unveiled Brand New Application Essay Prompts

In Fall 2016, both freshman and transfer applicants to the University of California (UC) will choose from brand new writing prompts when composing the required personal application statements.  After ten years, the UC has retired their previous two essay prompts. With annually record-breaking numbers of applicants—which increases the selectivity in admissions—admissions officers are seeking a fuller understanding …


Enjoy Childhood

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Ahead of the Curve: February 7, 2014

From Our Clients: SAT and ACT Prep: Each day, I talk with at least one parent concerned that their kid is not doing enough preparation for the SAT or ACT, who asks for advice how to motivate their kid to practice SAT and ACT questions.  For most teens, the intention to prepare for the SAT …


College Admissions Can Seemingly Provoke More Questions Than Answers

Questions abound when parents and students are moving through the college admissions process, especially when everyone has a story to tell about who got in where and the media reports the falling admit rates at selective universities around the country, as well as annually rising college tuition and increasing average student loan amounts.   A …

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Choosing Extra-curricular Activities When There’s No Magic Formula for College Admissions

Unfortunately for college applicants, there is no magic, straightforward formula for earning an acceptance in the college admissions process. Since the evaluation for college admissions is completed by human beings, about other human beings, in an environment with yearly increasing numbers of applicants who excel and exceed the requirements for admissions, subjectivity in decision making …


Sleep, More Sleep and Summer Camp: A Teen’s Summer Vacation Agenda

The months long stretch of unscheduled summer vacation can be enticing to both teens and their parents.  For teens, the idea of sleeping in until afternoon and no pressure about daily homework assignments is enthralling.  For parents, summer can be an unrestricted time to explore other academic interests and hobbies.  (And, in fairness, for teens …


Extracurricular Activities & College Admissions

Many high school students and their parents ask me, “Am I (or is my son/daughter) doing enough activities?”  Enough is the key word in the question, as well as an unquantifiable amount that is one of the indicators that college admissions can be an art and subjective.  Parents and students over the years have begun …


Parents & The College Application

Ok.  It’s true.  The senior will be the one actually attending college.   The senior will be the one ultimately writing and submitting her/his college applications.  And, at the same time, seniors are qualified and competitive for college, as a result of working with their parents over the years.   (Think: mom and dad’s taxi service …


The Ups & Downs of Being Well-Rounded

As freshmen and sophomores in high school, college admissions is focused on being eligible for application.  The academic classes that need completing (also known as A-G requirements for the UC & CSU systems), as well as extracurricular activities that are included in any college application means that most applicants are going to start looking the …