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College Admissions Officers’ Advice about Letters of Recommendation

As a part of college applications, a recommender’s job is sharing anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the dimension and strength of a student’s character. And, in the age of COVID, when admissions evaluations may be more subjective without a standardized test score being required, recommenders can present the students’ qualifications for admissions.  To assist counselors and…

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Top 25 Nationally Ranked Universities Adopt Pass/No Pass-Style Grades for Spring 2020

To date, thirteen of the top twenty-five US News & World Report nationally ranked universities, all adopted Pass/No Pass-style grading systems for the spring term, due to the COVID-19 health crisis: Although Pass/No Pass is the default system at UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Princeton and Yale, students can still “opt-in” to be awarded…

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College Study Abroad Closures Related to COVID-19

As the coronavirus, COVID-19, continues affecting people all over the world, educational plans are being disrupted. Study abroad programs are being suspended and students are unsure if they can make travel plans for summer cultural immersions.  Many different universities have recently announced plans to suspend current programs, and begin assisting students and staff in their…

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