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UC Berkeley Adds Letters of Recommendation for Fall 2016 Freshman Admissions

For Fall 2016 freshmen admissions, the University of California Berkeley will be accepting up to two letters of recommendation from selected applicants. In November 2015, some applicants will received emailed invitations to submit letters of recommendation.   Submitting the letters of recommendation will be optional; therefore, no freshman applicant, including those who do not receive an …


Simple Tips For Learning

If you’re the new kid in school, smile often. If you’re not the new kid in school, invite the new kid to sit with you at lunch. Park in the furthest parking spot away from campus.  A little sunshine can be just what’s needed to rejuvenate the grey matter. Say “hello” to your teachers daily.  Don’t be …


Online Grading Systems: Friend or Frenemy?

The typical public high school teacher is responsible for 160 students and teaches at least two different classes–e.g. AP English 11 and Honors English 9–with multiple sections of each course, for example: 3 periods of AP English 11.    So, what does this have to do with an online grading system?   If one assignment …