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College Admissions Essay: A Clinic In Writer’s Block

It’s college essay writing season, which also means that each student is likely running into writer’s blocks. College admission essays fit into the genre of autobiographical, a writing style for which most students are inexperienced. Although, at times, paralyzing writer’s blocks can be resolved by applying the appropriate antidotes.  Thus, as many college applicant lack an experienced editor, I will…

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Georgetown Application and Supplement deadline extended

Georgetown Extends Fall 2021 Applications

For students who’ve submitted Part 1 of the Georgetown Application, they can extend submission of their supplement application through January 13, 2021, extending their time to work on their essays. Why are a noticable number of universities extending their Fall 2021 Regular Decision deadlines, more than during a usual college application season? Specifically, are college admissions officers concerned about netting…

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Common Application Technical Issues

SECOND UPDATE 12:34 AM, JANUARY 3, 2021 At 10:59 pm PST on January 2, 2021, Stanford admissions officers replied by email to Creative Marbles, as well as below, that applications will continue to be accepted until January 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST. Similarly, Cornell University will accept applications until January 8, 2021. **UPDATE TO EARLIER POST** As of 10:25…

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Image: Deadline clock

More Regular Decision Deadline Extensions

Pitzer College in Southern California and Barnard College in New York City both extended the Regular Decision application deadline for first year applicants. Pitzer’s deadline is now January 8, 2021 and Barnard’s deadline is now January 4, 2021. As a trend is forming amongst private universities to extend deadlines, applicant should check their email frequently, as, for some colleges, the…

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Only 2.43% Made the Cut

By definition, “highly selective college admissions” means more applicants denied than accepted. Harvard’s admissions results put the exclamation mark on the above statement. 98% or 40,003 people, a combination of “36,119 regular decision applicants, plus the 4,882 students deferred in the early action process” were denied admissions for Fall 2018. And, before assuming that applying Early Action gives a greater chance…

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Changes to the ACT Writing Section

The ACT will be changing the Writing portion of the test, starting in September 2015.  The following outlines the changes: Extended Writing Time: Students will have 40 minutes to craft an essay response, rather than the previous 30 minutes. Changed Prompt Style: Test takers will be presented a contemporary issue and three perspectives regarding the issue.   Students are expected to…

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More About Waiting for College Admissions Decisions: Is The Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Perception can change everything.  I was complaining recently about something not going my way, and a friend reminded me about the neighborhoods in Syria being bombed daily, a roof over my head from the recent winter rain storm, you get the picture.  My friend got me thinking–how do we maintain a realistic view without falling into pessimism or optimism?  I…

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