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Will My August 2018 SAT Scores Be Cancelled?

Rumors are circling and the internet is again buzzing with controversy about the August 25, 2018 SAT Reasoning Test.   The College Board is accused of “recycling” the August 2018 SAT from a test or practice test given in China and South Korea in October 2017.   A recently deactivated Reddit thread posted an answer …


Ever Wonder Why The Dollars in Your Pocket Are Less?

Wonder no longer… Related PostsInterest: Another Cost of Borrowing Student Loans Is College Financial Aid Really Aid? More 25 Year Olds Have Student Debt…And At Higher Average Amounts Only 4% the Class of 2012 SAT Takers Scored 2100+ Our Fervent Wish


The Latest Iteration of Innovation for the High School Junior

Not every 16 year old (an American equivalent of a high school junior), both internationally and in the United States, has the same college planning needs.  So, at Creative Marbles, we offer three different levels of support to assist families who are seeking individualized college admissions plans, in the year before most students submit undergraduate …