Fall 2012 UC Admissions More Competitive for Freshmen

The University of California released their admissions numbers for Fall 2012 Freshmen last week.   The uncertainty in the state budget and record number of applications  or Fall 2012 Freshmen admissions created additional competition and subjectivity in the admissions process.   UC Davis Chancellor, Linda Katehi, recently stated:

UC Davis refused [Fall 2012] admissions to 1500 or more students with a 4.0 [GPA]…because we have a growing number of students who are capable and have the potential and want to come to the university and we have not been able to increase the number of positions we have for the students because of the limited funding by the State [of California].  (Studio Sacramento, 4/13/2012)

While Freshmen applications increased 19.1% from Fall 2011 applications, Freshman acceptances only increased 10.8%, which also demonstrates the additional competition Fall 2012 applicants faced.

With the exception of Fall 2011 admissions, 4 of the last 5 years of UC Freshmen acceptances have not been equal to the increase in applications, increasing competition each year.

The overall Freshmen admit rate to the UC has been steadily falling for the past 5 years, as well.


While overall admit rates are decreasing, the actual number of admits has increased each year since 2007.



In our limited pool of clients, we again heard surprise from Seniors and their parents about denials and wait-list offers.  How could my 4.0+, 2000+ SAT and extra-curricular committed student be denied at _______ UC?  Why was my California resident student denied admissions to every UC where she applied?  Why wasn’t my student offered alternative admissions to UC Merced or UC Riverside?  With a growing applicant pool, all highly qualified for admissions to the UC, decisions can seem unpredictable and somewhat whimsical to students denied admissions.   Despite this, the majority of our clients each year continue to apply to the UC, even if they choose not to enroll eventually.

While the UC remains a popular application choice, some of our students and parents are questioning the value of the UC, given double digit increases in tuition over the past 3 school years and the reports from current students about the difficulty in graduating in 4 years and getting classes from semester to semester.    Will the increase in competition for admissions and questions about the value of a UC education influence applicants in years to come and how?





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