When Life Hands You Lemons…

A lemonade stand can become a math, economics, marketing, English/Language Arts, financial literacy, health & nutrition, community building and team work lesson–all while enjoying a delicious treat in the heated shade of summer.    Any aged kids can be involved, as the tasks to set up the stand vary.  A patient parent or patient team of parents can give guidance and share their talents for each component of the stand.  (Added bonus: what parent doesn’t want the kids to be occupied and outside, rather than in front of the TV playing video games?)   

  • Sign making and thinking through messages that entice the neighborhood to buy the lemonade = English/Language Arts & Advertising lessons
  • Counting change, doubling recipes, keeping stats on the number of customers and cups sold during the day, in relation to weather = math + economics + science lessons
  • Bringing the neighborhood together in a gathering place for a sweet treat, while working with friends = teamwork + community building lesson
  • Finding a delicious, sales-worthy recipe & promoting its nutritional benefits = health + math + economics lessons

A little thinking + a fun summertime activity = take that summer-slide!  (Added bonus: no homework and no homework nagging for parents)

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