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Tricks of the Academic Trade

Online tools are useful homework management techniques for students.  Yet, with the plethora of online tools available, knowing which tools are actually worthy can be tricky.  So, here’s a couple tools that are student-tested and recommended: Wolfram|Alpha: a searchable database for all academic subjects, including solutions to exact math problems.  For an additional fee, students can …


There’s No Excuses

Elementary school has recess for a reason – pent up little kid energy can get in the way of focusing on the academic task at hand. Adults and teens are no different; we just have to be more deliberate about making “recess” in our lives. If The President and Vice President can do it, there’s …


Part 2: Learning May Not Be Simple–The Student’s Perspective

In Part One of our “Learning May Not Be Simple” series, we discussed the complexities of presenting new information in an average classroom, as well as how a teacher’s management of the class can influence the learning process.  The following highlights the student’s perspective and the complications of understanding new information, particularly for high school …


It’s Never Too Early (or Late) to Plan for College Costs

After talking with News10 Sacramento this morning about financial aid and paying for college, thought I’d share a few additional tips and expand on a few points we discussed: Understanding the Family’s Finances: The more parents can understand the family finances, the better planning can take place for the additional expense of college tuition.  Some …


The Many Definitions of Smart

Memorizing a large number facts may not mean smart.  You gotta know how to use the facts, too. Photo Credit: Science is Awesome Related PostsWelcome to the New Adulthood College Grads Face Difficult Job Market Risk & Reward Free Money For the Asking MAAAAIL CALL: ‘Tis the Season for College Brochures


The Wisdom of Our Parents

Do any of the following concerns sound familiar? “Is my student motivated enough?”  “I don’t want to be a nag.  How much do I remind my high school student to get her/his homework done?”  “When do teenagers normally start taking greater responsibility for their homework and academic achievement?”  I don’t want my daughter/son to lose …


Best or Worst U.S. States to Live for Health

Looking to move to or prospect for a college in some far away, unfamiliar state, and weighing the costs and benefits of living in said state?  Perhaps, the following “Health Risks By Area” chart, pinpointing five health risks by state, may help in those difficult “which state to live in (temporarily or permanently)” discussions. Related PostsNew Year’s …

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To Seek Early Admissions Or Not, That Is The Question

The question of early admissions, within the context of the college application process as a whole, is more complicated than most students and their families think. Take five minutes out of your busy day to listen to Art and Jill as they share over twenty years of combined experience surrounding the question of seeking to …


The Journey of our Youth

I recently watched the movie, White Squall, directed by Ridley Scott and stars Jeff Bridges as the captain.  The movie is based on the real events of the people involved in the year-long school-at-sea program on the brigantine, Albatross. The program is set up to provide students with sailing lessons, alongside college preparatory courses. Besides …


The Benefits of “Frenemies”?

Reading about Helen Gurley Brown’s death today inspired the following post.  (No matter your opinion of Ms. Brown and her positions on social issues–she was the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years and wore mini-skirts into her 80’s, according to the New York Times–she stirred discussion.) A discussion does not happen when everyone agrees …