Applying to College: From Chaos Comes Confidence

Typically, in the few days before a college application deadline, both applicants and their parents are wondering: Adding to their stress, students wildly speculate that their efforts to complete their applications will merit them the following response: Anticipating the worst case scenario of a denied admissions, in the midst of crafting their quintessential life’s story, AKA college essays, they often…

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The Inventors Dilemma

A fun excerpt: dedicated to all the curious and hands-on students who tend to create certain “stress” for their parents, and generally, the adult population around them. Did you know?  As a child, [Thomas] Edison’s home laboratory often produced explosions that shook the house and upset his father. The hard work it took to make a successful electric light inspired…

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Unlocking the University of California Application Essay Prompt #2

The most effective communication model yet may be when all parties involved are actively participating. When clarifications are needed, it is naturally asked and answered as many times deemed necessary. Now best communication practices aside, what happens when person A, someone from someplace–an admissions officer–with his/her sum of experiences, is to read person B’s essay, a high school senior’s reply,…

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Guest Post: Pinch Me Now, Please

Michelle, a friend of the Creative Marbles team and a successful business woman, shares her experience with students budding into adulthood (or, already budded young adults), struggling to find their place in this increasingly interconnected world. _________________ Not that there’s ever an average week in the office for me, but this one was especially different than others. I flew into…

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How Common is the Common Application Essay?

In this podcast, Art Baird and Jill Yoshikawa, our company’s educational experts, generously share their 10-years of experience to help students write competitive college admissions essays within the context of the Common Application.  They define an effective outline for drafting this complex autobiography. [powerpress url=”″] For more helpful information, please also read: Storytelling Season is Around the Corner You Can…

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The Journey of our Youth

I recently watched the movie, White Squall, directed by Ridley Scott and stars Jeff Bridges as the captain.  The movie is based on the real events of the people involved in the year-long school-at-sea program on the brigantine, Albatross. The program is set up to provide students with sailing lessons, alongside college preparatory courses. Besides peaking my personal interest, I…

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American Diet: Sugar, Please!

Are the benefits of consuming sugar greater than its increasingly known effects–from it’s link to obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, and so forth–especially given the ever-growing amount we consume in our American diet?  See the below graphical comparison depicting the average American’s sugar consumption from 1820 to present.  (Enjoy, but be careful; the news isn’t so sweet!)