The Journey of our Youth

White Squal Image

I recently watched the movie, White Squall, directed by Ridley Scott and stars Jeff Bridges as the captain.  The movie is based on the real events of the people involved in the year-long school-at-sea program on the brigantine, Albatross. The program is set up to provide students with sailing lessons, alongside college preparatory courses. Besides peaking my personal interest, I share one scene that may summarize a great deal of what our youth face today:

Scene: The ship is heading home. The dialogue is between two characters, both are shipmates and boys.

Boy 1: I don’t want it to end…I don’t want to be what I was when I left [home].
Boy 2: What was that?
Boy 1: Anonymous. I’ve been acing tests all my whole life and I still haven’t figured it out.
Boy 2: Figure what out?
Boy 1: (pause) Who I am.


Image: unknown source from the internet