Schooling during the Time of COVID

In the 2020-21 school year, students, teachers and parents are not learning in pre-COVID ways. Kids commute from bed to desk, parents are deputized teachers, and teachers are now broadcast news anchors without the production team. Educators are seemingly rewriting the rules on how to learn, yet trying to rely on the old rules at the same time, which can be confusing and frustrating for all.

Some educators are doggedly trying to maintain the old normal of how students should behave in school for the new distance learning normal, while others are simply seeking a communication system in order to manage their kids’ schooling:

Then, the parents gyrate between hope and doubt that student-teacher and student-parent-school connections can be re-made and their kids can actually learn:

For which others have already concluded that students are learning new skills:


To simple moments of honesty:

And, we teach kids to, “Say ‘When'” to indicate stop or when they need a break, a lesson they’ve implement during Zoom school:

Thus, parents and students and teachers alike may be channeling Mugatu, right about now, attempting to continue learning as if students were still in a brick and mortar classroom, yet are at home, in front of a screen:

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