College Tuition: Is a Private University Always More Expensive than Public?

According to the Wall Street Journal and the College Board, public university tuition is rising faster than private universities around the nation.  “In-state residents at four-year public schools, tuition and fees are up 25.1% from the 2008-09 academic year; over the same time period, tuition and fees at private universities rose 13.2%.”  While public universities may seem less costly, the continued rate of tuition increases and availability of financial aid may not reduce the overall costs.

For families seeking value for their tuition dollars, prospective applicants would be smart to forecast tuition increases for the duration of their college years for a total college cost.  Then, compare those costs to the 4 year graduation rates, ease of registering for required classes and other academic & career support advisors available for students–to evaluate the value of the dollars invested.    Costs may not be measured only in dollars–opportunity and peace of mind may also need considering when forecasting the value of a college degree.