The Admissions Waiting Will Be Over Soon: University of California Response Dates

University of California LogoFrom January and Mid-March can be re-named, “The Waiting Season” for Seniors and their parents.  While Early Admissions applicants may know admissions decisions by now (end of February), which can lead to rampant speculation amongst regular decision applicants, the admissions decision waiting will soon be over for University of California (UC) applicants.  Then, comes a “good” problem…making a final decision from amongst the variety of college acceptances, as well as contending with possible disappointments from admissions denials.

The following is a list of the expected response dates by University of California campus, as well as their featured open house for students newly admitted to gain more information.  Unless indicated, the UC campus will respond to applicants online through the applicant accounts established by each student:

Campus Name

Response Date

Open House Name & Date

UC Berkeley End of March, 2013 Cal Day, April 20
UC Davis Mid-March, 2013 Picnic Day, April 20
UC Irvine March 1-31, 2013 Celebrate UCI, April 20
UC Los Angeles Late March, 2013 UCLA Bruin Day, April 13
UC Merced Starting February, 2013 Bobcat Day, April 13
UC Riverside Beginning February 1, 2013 Highlander Day, April 13
UC San Diego Mid-March – End of March, 2013 Triton Day, April 6
UC Santa Barbara March 17-31, 2013 Spring Insight Open House, April 13
UC Santa Cruz March 15, 2013 Spring Spotlight, April 5-13, 2013

The open house events are showcases for the entire campus, so students can experience the campus culture and variety of opportunities that will be available to them once enrolling.  Students and their parents can also walk through the neighborhoods and surrounding area to gain a fuller picture of their possible environment.  Since the open houses overlap at multiple campuses, students will need to be judicious in choosing which events to attend.  Choosing a campus that either wasn’t visited before or one where the student needs greater understanding can help in weighing the final decision before the May 1st national response deadline.  Plus, since school will be in session during the Open Houses, contact old friends and alumni from your high school to ask for a candid opinion of their experiences.  The more students and their parents can learn before committing to enroll, the more confidence gained that a six-figure investment for the next 4-5 years will be fruitful.

Note: UC campuses send the admissions decision separately from a financial aid award letter.  The Financial Aid award usually comes a few weeks after the admissions decisions.