Does My Kid Have Even the Slightest Chance to Get Accepted?

At this time of year, about one to two months from the first college application deadlines, parents’ and high school seniors’ concern about outcome of submitting college apps, is usually concluded by, “I’m never going to get in, ANYWHERE!”  The lack of a straightforward, formulaic standard about who will or will not be accepted at a college can send normally rational parents and teenagers on a complex and emotional roller coaster.  The idea of being judged by nearly complete strangers (i.e. college admissions officers), who after reading 17 years of life experience compacted into a series of  standardized boxes on a form, and 500 words or less in an essay–with little or no room to clarify any admissions officers’ questions once the submit button is clicked–may not be an easy reality to digest.  Thus, leading teenagers who’re having to place their lives under the college admissions microscope without the guarantee of a desired outcome to conclude, “I’m never going to get in, ANYWHERE.”   In my decade of experience, these concerns are expected and a normal outcome of people who’ve worked not only to be qualified for college, but also to boost their chances at being accepted to colleges of their choice.  Plus, no one wants to be told, “No.”  Although I can’t remove the stresses these concerns can create while applying for college, I can testify that weathering these concerns can define one’s strength and character in the long term.