Guest Post – S-N-O-W: The Education Without the Units

Rohan graduated with a full International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2012.  He moved across the country from sunny Northern California to Ohio for college.  Throughout the college application process, Rohan kept an open mind about weather giving him more education than just studying Engineering.  After surviving the first winter, Rohan shares more thoughts about how “weather” became an education in itself below: 

I am currently a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH and now dealing with the demands of being a sophomore striving to complete the pre-med curriculum while earning an Engineering degree.

The weather is extremely unpredictable in Cleveland. You can expect to need to wear pants in the morning and shorts in the afternoon. The summers are humid and the winters are frigid. I suggest a large box fan seeing as how the freshman dorms at Case lack air conditioning. Also, summer rains can be brutal. Raincoats can become really sticky in the humid summer rains, so I suggest carrying an umbrella during any season. The day you forget your umbrella is the day the sky opens up with torrential rain. Moreover, it gets cold. A lot. It was snowing in April. I cannot stress the importance of thick, warm layers. Also, boots are a necessity when trudging to class in the snow. Wet and cold is the least fun combination for your feet. I would even suggest a face mask or just a thick scarf to cover your face when the winter winds kick in. Winter is not about fashion, it’s about warm and dry. If you can find the fashion, bravo.