Uneven Pavement Ahead

The Reality of Starting College

4.0+ Plus High School GPA, CHECK Stellar Extracurricular Resume, CHECK Impeccable Letters of Recommendation, CHECK Brand-name college acceptance, CHECK, YAY! FREEDOM AND LIFELONG HAPPINESS, HERE I COME!!!! (Cue Record Scratch) Maybe. Well, at least not right away and not without effort… [Feigned shock 😳 then 😡] The transition to college can be challenging for first…

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A meditating frog

Why Advice for Parents of Kindergarteners Also Helps Parents of New College Students

Parents of college students experience the bittersweet rewards of a job well-done, their “babies” are capable of caring for themselves, but doing so without seemingly “needing” a parent. So, a Kindergarten’s teacher’s advice can be helpful:  ….they [one’s kid] will probably have a hard time separating from you. It’s normal, and it may last a…

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A college acceptance isn’t a cure-all, get-out-of-jail-free card, where untold riches and lifelong prosperity are as plentiful and readily flowing as red cups filled from a college party keg. Instead:  To avoid such pitfalls, effectively reducing the risk of educational malinvestment, prudent families can use the quiet lull of summer to reflect, reassess, and regroup…

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The Summer of the Long Goodbye

Soon-to-be first year college students all over the world are separating from their childhoods—saying, “Goodbye” to friends, leaving their childhood bedrooms, and now emerging as an adult, learning to partner with their parents. They’re establishing their first households outside their family homes, a complicated endeavor often involving new responsibilities.  In readying to move, students are…

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The search for merit aid begins with the proper valuation of a college degree

“Do you help with scholarships?” is often one of the first questions that parents ask me. Fearful of the ever-increasing cost of college tuition, they (mis)perceive a college education as a large purchase, rather than an investment.  To invest in a college education, both institution and family mutually consent to a partnership. Yet, in any…

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