The Reality of Starting College

4.0+ Plus High School GPA, CHECK

Stellar Extracurricular Resume, CHECK

Impeccable Letters of Recommendation, CHECK

Brand-name college acceptance, CHECK, YAY!


(Cue Record Scratch)


Well, at least not right away and not without effort…

[Feigned shock 😳 then 😡]

The transition to college can be challenging for first year students. For many, despite being at the top of their high school class, many students suddenly find themselves surrounded by other academically accomplished peers. Realizing that they are no longer the smartest person in the room, can be an intellectual humbling.

In addition to the academic challenges, first-year college students are also forming new friendships and navigating a new social scene. Thus, they may lack immediate support and stumble more than expected, yet earn wisdom through experience

Parents can play a supportive role during this time, offering guidance. Yet, parents should also understand of their child’s need to flex their newfound freedom. With grace, support, and sometimes a little luck, first-year college students can find their way and thrive in their new environment.


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