Rules of Dating…I Mean, Choosing a College

OpenRoad.HubbubbalooCreative 2014Open houses, admit days, and overnight stays for prospective students are like the blind dates of the college application process. No different than arranging and primping for the first date in order to make a good impression, months have gone into planning these annual events. Workshops are arranged, rooms are reserved, student hosts are trained, menus are set, banners are ordered, t-shirts are printed, and “unappealing” characters are “disappeared” into the bushes as tour groups approach. Viewing the final campus visits as a start of a long-term relationship will help seniors ask pointed questions and make observations which help inform final decisions.  Prospective students can seriously consider the fit of the each college in the final cut.  As with any blind date, the nervousness and butterflies over what may or may not happen during campus visits can cloud anyone’s judgment. Be gentle and make room the the natural (and expected) emotional reaction to choosing a college. After all, there is no rush to make a decision until May 1st.