A Chance to Ask Why

Since K-12 and college students are “distance learning” for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, and the majority of extracurricular activities have also been cancelled, students are sharing that they’re “bored, but don’t know what to do.” Additionally, some parents worry that their kids’ aren’t “productive with their time.” So, to take advantage of the additional time and be “productive”, students can reflect and (re)discover their aptitude

And, the extra time to be reflective is serendipitous, if students utilize the opportunity. Experienced economists are sharing, that in the midst of the current economic upheaval, gaining confidence in one’s aptitude is essential for prosperity. Those who are merely doing the job for a paycheck will likely get washed out, and those whose careers align with their aptitude will always have economic opportunity

The self-reflection doesn’t have to be extensive or complicated, just a series of why questions, which students can consider on their own and with their parents. Observing, “What am I doing?” or parents asking, “Why are you doing ______?” can be a point of reflection, then continuing to ask Why questions. For instance, in the absence of team practices, lessons, tutoring sessions, clubs, volunteer responsibilities, etc students can ask, “Why do I participate in ______ activity?” and “What’s the outcome of my efforts, and why do I seek that outcome?”

With more understanding of their interests and abilities, students can focus their efforts now, while they have additional time to research and explore with all the resources available through the internet. Then, after we emerge from our society-wide retreat they can dedicate themselves to the activities which most align with their unique aptitude. 

Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, a UCSD and Harvard graduate, as well as a former high school teacher, works tirelessly so clients succeed. Contact her at jill@creativemarbles.com

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