Seek Discomfort

Soon-to-be college students would be wise to listen to college graduation speeches. Students can learn how to make more effective choices during college by heeding the advice of those who have achieved a degree of accomplishment and notoriety,  increasing their odds of realizing their vision and generally living more purposefully.

In 2015, John Waters, film director and artist, discussed the purpose of a college education in his commencement remarks to the Rhode Island School of Design grads:

This might be time for a trigger warning. Uh, the amazing concept I’ve heard about is where you’re supposed to warn students if you’re gonna talk about something that challenges their values? I thought that’s why you went to college. My whole life has been a trigger warning.

Quote is at 6:53 in the video

When challenged, students can learn, either gaining confidence from being tested or further defining one’s values. When not stirred or discomforted, there’s less impetus to learn.  So, college freshmen get uncomfortable and seek challenge…on purpose.

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