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Unleashed Brilliance AKA College Essays

CMC 2017

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Move Along…Nothin’ To See Here

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College Move-In Day

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Ever Wonder Why The Dollars in Your Pocket Are Less?

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College Application or Marriage Proposal?

Applying to college isn’t simple.  Metaphorically, choosing a college can be like an arranged marriage—parents are involved in the choosing process, lifelong expectations are being weighted and future prosperity is being forecasted. “Dowries” are paid in the form of tuition, room and board, books etc.   Students seek a college that’s the “right fit“, dating …


College Admissions Season is Now Open

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A Goodbye Note That Never Ends


  About the author: Ashley is a recent graduate from Rocklin High School and leaves home to attend Oregon State University in ten days. Leaving for college is difficult, as any book, article, or adult worth their salt will agree. Despite the fact only four or so months will pass before reuniting, it’s impossible to …


Moving Across the Country for College

HS.Washington DC. 2017

  I am grateful to join DC’s network of go-getters. I am drawn to the vibrancy of the city and the intellect of the citizens (just as I was 4 months ago when I visited). I feel I have a lot to offer and I am confident in my ability to adapt to this new …


Email:  America’s Past-Time (Literally)


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The Bittersweetness of Choosing a College

  “We live in a house around the corner from my parents. He’s gone to all the same schools I went to, and his grandfather went to. We’ve lived this suburban, settled lifestyle. And, now, we’re telling him we want him to dream and live a life in the arts, if that’s what he wants. …