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“The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same”

One hundred and sixty years ago, Henry David Thoreau wrote, “You may say the wisest thing you can, old man – you who have lived seventy years, not without honor of a kind – I hear an irresistible voice which invites me away from all that. One generation abandons the enterprises of another like stranded …


Parents Mean Well

There may be a point of “too involved”… Photo credit: New Yorker Magazine Related PostsStudent Loan Repayments May Cost More Than The Amount Borrowed College Tuition Set to Keep Rising with No Relief In Sight To Take or Not Take the SAT Subject Tests The Wisdom of Our Parents Got Scantron Nightmares?


Advice for Parents of High School Seniors

“Why isn’t my kid taking more initiative in the college application process?” is a common refrain from parents of high school Seniors heard at this time of year.  Since the initial college application deadlines are generally one to two months away,   and months in teenager time can be like dog years in reverse, parents …

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The A B C’s of the New Common Application Essays

College essays that add value to the application explain the meaning of the applicant’s life experiences and give insight to the applicant’s personality.  Being able to craft that content, while in the middle of the fall semester of Senior year, and fit their 17 years of life into 500 words or less can be a …


The Worth of Wealth

What is wealth?  The Urban Institute recently reported that the average net worth of today’s 29 to 37 year old has fallen 21% in comparison with previous generations since 1983.  On the surface, this idea of “less wealth” may seem like a bad thing, as generally, I don’t like to be “less” at anything.  However, …


The Complexities of Learning, Part 1

Learning at school can seem like a simple equation: teacher presents material + students listen (including taking notes) + students complete the homework assignments and tests = learning.  Yet, in practice, learning can be more complex.  The following is the first in an on-going series of posts that will discuss the intricacies of learning in …


Ever Wonder Where The Day Went?

The following chart represents the average time spent each day on a variety of activities for ALL American adults (people aged 15 or older), from the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recent American Time Use study.  Might give you some answers to  “where did all my time go today?” pondering. Some highlights: Only .47 hours of …


Purposeful Failure

“I have not failed.  I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  Thomas Edison I am the anti-Thomas Edison.  I fear making mistakes.  I fear mistakes will expose me to others’ (mis-)judgements, like being seen as stupid.  I’ve evolved into a cautious reactor, preferring to watch others from the sidelines go first, make my …


Learn HOW to Learn: The Legacy of Mr. Coombs

At this time of the school year–after first semester grades and well-into the next semester–I receive increased requests for tutor referrals.  Parents and students naturally assume that a less than expected grade in a class is due to content deficit–that somehow the student just “isn’t getting it”; “it” being the ideas and concepts presented in …


Education is a Delicate Balance

I have never met a parent who didn’t want the absolute best for their children. The idea of helping one’s offspring become more independent often is part of that “wanting what’s best.”  When toddlers can’t immediately get up after a non-injuring fall, parents will often be mindful not to rush in and swoop up the …