To Choose or Have Others Choose For You, That is the Question

Another generation is on the cusp of deciding what to do next, now that their youth has come to end. Those who applied to college then gained acceptance now must decide where they will be attending college in the fall and more importantly why, and for what purpose.  Many college graduates when confronted with why they were accepted to college,…

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The Death of Ignorance

Is the College Landscape Experiencing a Tectonic Shift Post Pandemic?

The effects of the COVID-induced disruptions to education have yet to be quantified in the intermediate and long term, thus educators struggling to redefine “normal” learning for years to come, as an entire COVID-affected generation, Pre-K through College, matriculates through the educational system. Additionally, the SAT, an 80 year old admissions requirement, is being summarily dismissed and subsequently, questioned. Students…

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College Isn’t a Cure-All

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Becky Frankiewicz writing for the Harvard Business Review (HBR) tackled the topic of higher education and full employment leaving out, for now, the idea of a lasting peace of mind. Of course, although there may be a multi-decade correlation between a college degree and three or less careers in one’s lifetime, equaling financial security, or as we…

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Success Redefined

Artie Shaw, the renowned Jazz clarinetist said, “Success is an opiate.” Success is not what people think of you, not what you do, the awards you receive or the material trappings you have collected. Instead, confidence in one’s purpose, a calling that defines a higher esteem, an evolution of our spirit, often requires a Guru to show us the path. …

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The Oxymoron of Learning from a Distance

Many students are dismayed, their hopes for a return to a long-established normal this fall, dashed, as school administrators continued suspending or severely curtailing in-person classes, as well as most clubs and sports through at least the end of 2020, due to the on-going COVID-related health risks. Continued distance learning has disrupted the coming of age process, ushering in a…

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CMC 2017

A College Admissions Essay Contemplation

To effectively answer essay prompts, an integral component of applications for many US colleges as well as other countries scattered throughout the globe, requires understanding of the autobiographical writing process. According to the Oxford Dictionary, autobiography is “an account of a person’s life written by that person.” How does a teenager, or one of any age for that matter, immersed…

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College is a Choice

Attending college is not required for achieving economic prosperity nor lasting peace of mind.  Success is defined by the individual’s interpretation of their net worth that they were born to discover throughout a lifetime of searching for value from the sum of their experiences. Yes, that may include attending college, and praise to those who have spent their life’s work…

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