To Choose or Have Others Choose For You, That is the Question

Another generation is on the cusp of deciding what to do next, now that their youth has come to end. Those who applied to college then gained acceptance now must decide where they will be attending college in the fall and more importantly why, and for what purpose

Many college graduates when confronted with why they were accepted to college, where they choose to attend, and how they utilized their time in college, wax nostalgically, only responding simply, avoiding any risk that could undermine the narrative that has defined their life since the end of their own period of youthful exuberance.  

Make no mistake the choices being made now by those entering into official adulthood in the American context—defined as graduating from a K-12 educational establishment or reaching the age of 18, when although they cannot legally drink, they can fight and die for their country in foreign lands—is pregnant with consequences to born at an inconvenient time in the foggy future. 

Those students who fail to make a choice will have their choices made by others for which they will inherit the results, either getting lucky or bearing the resentments that will unfortunately define their fate no matter how successful they are on paper. 

So in a nutshell, now standing at the crossroads, staring into a future that is infinitely complex and forever undefined but full of potential, take your responsibility stemming from the freedom to choose seriously, remembering that all choices manifest results, creating conditions for the realization of either greater freedom or a prison of circumstances that are difficult to escape.

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